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As per our partners request, we can have up to 40 Brand Ambassadors dedicated to spreading awareness about the chosen brand. Meanwhile giving consumers an insight about the product, we are able to conduct switching activities in which the consumer then receives a special gift. During this activity, our BA's are able to collect data from the consumer regarding competitors and about their consumption experience.

The success of any product in any market greatly depends on the timing of the product launch as well as the method used, each society as per its needs and timing. With our experienced team, we have worked in multiple product launches dedicating as meany team members required in order to hit our success point.

Besides having Brand Ambassadors directly communicating with the consumers of the product, it is vital to have merchandisers collecting data from the retailers as well as having the product in its best positioning and state inside the point of sale. With our team of 10 merchandisers, each dedicated to a specific zone, we are able to reach any POS required in any sector needed at any time.

With the data collected through our market research through the different Brand Ambassadors and Merchandisers our reporting team then produce different reports based on the requested KPI's by our partners. 

Dealing with data may be very tricky. To ensure all our data collected is precise to the closest bit, our callback team comes into act. On a daily basis, all the reports retrieved by our team members are passed to the callback team where checks are made and more data may be retrieved if any unclarity arises in the report.